Business Situation

Servilon is a global IT support services provider. The customer needed additional IT resources to implement a customized software application to track employee work time, attendance and vacations. The idea was at the mature stage and precise technical requirements were properly documented, but the in-house team was involved in a different project. Development of time-tracking systems is a long-term commercial project that needs a team of professionals who could dedicate all their time to implementing the solution.

At first, Servilon considered using Outsourcing model of development, but Avicoma suggested choosing Outstaffing model and it proved to be more cost effective and beneficial. With this model, the customer saved about 40% on development and directly communicated with their remote team.


Over two weeks, Avicoma recruited and hired a team of three professional developers in Ukraine to handle product development, manage product updates and support the application. The dedicated development team started to work under the supervision of the customer’s PM. In the course of development, the customer decided that it was necessary to enlarge the team. So, at the peak of the workload, the virtual team consisted of five .NET developers and one QA engineer.

Key Technologies and Skills:

The team built a comprehensive online web based system and integrated application with Skype for Business API, and now the customer always has the correct information on employees’ arrival time, hours of absence, sick leaves, etc.

Core technologies: .NET, ASP.NET MVC, Ajax, WCF, Skype for Business API, JQuery Mobile, TimeJobs.

Currently the team is involved in testing, supporting and publishing project updates.


  • Avicoma’s professional recruitment enabled Servilon to attract highly qualified software engineers with the required skills and experience.
  • Avicoma ensured effective communication between the customer’s onsite PM and Dedicated development team.
  • Avicoma provided top-notch IT support services for the customer’s virtual team.

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