Business Situation

A leading logistics company was looking to consolidate its IT capacity cost effectively in an offshore location that could effectively serve its European and Middle East markets. They were searching for a partner that could handle application development and testing, as well as provide Application Management and Production Management, across the full spectrum of their financial business lines. This included business critical applications from front to back office functions across the main business activities: Document Workflow and Logistics.


When Avicoma illustrated the benefits of long-term cooperation using the Outstaffing model of development, the Customer decided to move ahead with building a nearshore software development center in Ukraine. Together, we built out a Customer own dedicated development team that grew to over 20 people in the first year. The current team covers Application Management and Production Support. Today the IT team is made up of 9 people handling Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 operations including:

  • Development and Testing;
  • System and Application Monitoring;
  • Incident/ Problem Management;
  • SLA Management;
  • Security Requirement and Environment Management;
  • Change / Release Management;
  • Business Continuity Management;
  • Capacity / Performance Management;
  • Level 1-3 IT Support;

All support processes are ITIL compliant. The team has established well-defined procedures for new applications and modules, and have built out and maintained mature support documentation for all existing applications and services.

Key Technologies and Skills

The IT team, focusing on Application Development and Testing, have deep experience with a range of key technologies: .NET, C++, SQL Server, Automation Testing, Client Proprietary tools and frameworks.


Within the first year of the engagement, Avicoma was able to:

  • Build the most advanced and secure IT development and support facility in Ukraine;
  • Build up the largest and most comprehensive Workflow and Logistics’ operation in the region supporting all of the Company’s required markets and products;
  • Develop a 24X7 Level 1-3 support infrastructure for front to back office applications;
  • Hire and on-board over 20 software and QA engineers;
  • Set up and maintain modern work environment for the Customer’s employees in Ukraine and provide them with all communication means.

Long-term Results

The Customer’s own dedicated development team performs comprehensive Application Development, Application Testing, and Application Management Services. The Customer has achieved all the business goals and managed to significantly reduce costs of their IT services, maintaining a high level of quality and responsiveness. The team initially comprised 5 IT professionals and grew into a dedicated resource and development center with 20+ IT professionals covering the complete development cycle including ongoing support.

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