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PM, BA, BI Architects

Other key roles in Dedicated Development Team

Avicoma recruits various specialists for the largest software development companies and businesses in other industries worldwide. We can help you to add Project Managers, Business Analysts, Business Intelligence Specialists or Software Architects to your offshore dedicated development team.

We are carefully screening each candidate for the specific positions and recommend the specialists that are the right fit for our clients. We set high standards to each step of setting up a remote development team and provide regular follow-up communication to the employer and employees, make sure each party get the upmost satisfaction from the employment.

Project managers

Project management of an offshore team can be hard enough if your dedicated development team is in some other part of the world. It is always helpful to have a contact who would be reporting the development status and oversee the progress of the team.

There can be different approaches as for adding a team lead to the development team:

1. It takes only a few months to identify a strong leader among the dedicated development team whose leadership would be enough to unite the team, establish strong communication with client’s in-house team and organize knowledge transfer within the offshore team. Despite the fact that such team leads will have to learn on own mistakes, there will be a lot trust from other teammates.

2. Avicoma can recruit a team leader with relevant experience and excellent references from previous employers and teammates. Experiences team leads and technical leads need less time for entering a project and will use the best management practices to organize the teamwork.

Business Analysts

Business analysts in your remote dedicated development team has almost the same responsibilities as your in-house specialists – they work with the client and users to lay the basic building blocks of a project. Of course it requires certain knowledge transition from in-house specialists to offshore analysts and regular project liaison progress discussions between the two groups.

Business analysts establish close liaison between the project managers, developers, testers and other members of the team and act as a single point of contact for any functional clarifications. To avoid any delays in the project during the hours when in-house team and offshore team and ensure that the final result meets all the project requirements, it is preferred to employ a business analyst in your remote dedicated development team.

Have a look at some of the possible responsibilities of an offshore business analyst:

  • Act as a client’s advocate in negotiations related to business and functional requirements, use cases, analytics deliverables, wireframes, test Cases and user Guides
  • Help the offshore developers to resolve problems and fulfill requests for functions supported by the team
  • Work with technical teams to identify options to meet business requirements
  • Work with PM and technical team to develop project cost estimates and resource plans
  • Participate in development of test scenarios
  • Participate in team strategic planning, supporting the initial analysis and assessment of proposed projects leading to the development of business cases and cost/benefit analysis
  • Work with business users to document and re-engineer business processes
  • Provide application support as needed
  • Identfy enhancement work for existing applications

Business Intelligence (BI) Specialists

The Business Intelligence (BI) Specialist’s role role is to strategically design and implement BI software and systems, including integration with databases and data warehouses. This includes selecting, blueprinting, gathering requirements, designing, and rolling out BI solutions to end users. BI specialist are also responsible for ensuring high levels of BI availability through support functions and in-depth testing.

  • Business Objects/Crystal Reports
  • Cognos
  • SAS
  • Hyperion
  • Microsoft
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