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Case Studies

Building Offshore Development Center (ODC) for One, Inc., California

One, Inc. is a software development company which provides an integrated cloud-based platform designed to revolutionize the insurance industry. The company experienced a dramatic growth in 2012 when Avicoma helped to streamline the company’s development by hiring a dedicated team of .NET developers. Avicoma built an ODC for One, Inc. in Ukraine and supplemented the development team and gradually assembled QA department.

Dedicated Team to Develop Time-Tracking Software

Servilon is a global IT support services provider. The customer needed additional IT resources to implement a customized software application to track employee work time, attendance and vacation. The idea was at mature stage and precise technical requirements were properly documented, but the in-house team was involved in a different project. Development of time-tracking system is long-term commercial project that needs a team of professionals who could dedicate all time to implementing the solution.

IT Dedicated Development Team for a Leading Logistics Company

A leading logistics company was looking to consolidate its IT capacity cost effectively in an offshore location that could effectively serve its European and Middle East markets. They were searching for a partner that could handle application development and testing, as well as provide Application Management and Production Management, across the full spectrum of their financial business lines. This included business critical applications from front to back office functions across the main business activities: Document Workflow and Logistics.

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