Great Talents, High-Tech Environment, Experienced Management.

Why Avicoma

Growing Your Software Development Team has never been so Easy!

We are flexible to build a team you need in different locations and give you professional advice on recruitment strategy, general management, taxation, and market trends. Individual approach and open communication is our credo.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to help your company grow business smoothly and provide all necessary resources for your software development team extension:
Great Talents, High-Tech Environment, Experienced Management.

Our Vision:

Avicoma’s vision has transformed into a continuous strive to be a better place both for our customers and our employees.
We believe that such people-oriented approach always pays back. We invest into trust and strong relationships as much as into new technologies.
This vision is always on top!

Our values:

  • Integrity: We strongly believe that integrity is the ONLY right approach in business. We know that truthfulness with employees encourages efficiency and loyalty. Honesty with our customers brings confidence in future cooperation. Adherence to agreements with partners motivates them to recommend our company.
  • Reliability: We are a reliable partner with a long track record of successfully implemented projects. We offer more than 9 years of experience in building and managing remote teams.
  • Responsibility: It’s our responsibility to comply with our client’s quality standards. We don’t stop until the customer is satisfied. We simply don’t feel comfortable that way. So we search for alternative ways to achieve the required results and quality.
  • People-orientation: All our strivings are focused on keeping our customers and employees happy. We organize team building activities to ensure the team is motivated and united. We also set up regular meetings with the customers to provide updates on every status.
  • Professionalism: We expect every team member to perform effectively and apply the best of their knowledge, skills and experience, as well as self-learning ability.
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