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9 Tools to Make Your Remote Team Closer

Even though modern technology provides communication over great distances, the personal touch remains essential for most customers. We offer our list of handy and simple tools to monitor and communicate with your remote team.

What Exactly Happens when You’ve Decided to Work with Dedicated Development Team?

This article is based on our own experience and many years of successful cooperation with our clients. You definitely should read it if you are thinking about a quick extension of your in-house development team and would like to start working as soon as possible.

Why Ukraine’s Tax Code Makes Nation Attractive for IT Services

Every nation applies different tax code which can make it attractive for IT outsourcing or not. That’s why today we are going to compare tax rates in different countries to identify the most competitive destinations for IT offshoring.

CEE Teams: 7 Cultural Differences Which Can Perplex You

Despite globalization, cultures are still very different and this becomes clear when you work with distributed teams. Learn some of the most interesting facts which can help you better understand your remote team and increase your productivity level.

How Scrum Works with Distributed Teams

Each team has its own Scrum. But do you know how to use Scrum to work with distributed teams? Check our post – it should be useful for you.

Does Your Team Building Actually Work?

Team building has become somewhat of a buzzword today. Companies are talking about it, organizing it, and simply calling this way any event held by the company for its employees. Pizza Friday in the office is a team building. Playing bowling (where it’s every man for himself) is a team building.

The War for Talent: Who Will Survive?

The demand for software engineers is so high that sometimes securing the right candidate can resemble a battleground for talent. One such option to win the war is to explore alternative countries with access to top quality talents while minimizing expenses.

IT Support: 5 Questions That Should Stop Haunting You

If you are curious about how companies setup and work with remote software development teams, especially from a technical standpoint, this post will give you some insight. Here is how they pull it off and work seamlessly together.

Why the Outstaffing Model Trumps Outsourcing?

We would like to illustrate a number of reasons why we opt to forego the IT outsourcing model and favor the outstaffing model instead.

Alternative Destinations for Your Software Development

So you’ve decided to extend your development team offshore. At this point you’re likely wresting with a critical question: “Which country best fits my needs?” An important question that we’re happy to provide guidance in answering.

How Much Can You Save with Outsourcing and Outstaffing?

The Dedicated Dev team proves to be the most cost-effective solution for clients, resulting in up to 60% savings due to much lower monthly-based payments and fewer administrative costs.

Are You Still Confusing Outstaffing with Outsourcing?

The most effective and comfortable way of doing business in IT today is to use outsourcing or outstaffing models. Outsourcing means that some functions of the internal departments of your company are transferred to an outsourcing service provider.

Trust and Communication Are the Keys to Your Successful Team

A very important point is that the whole team should accept the vision and mission for what they are doing. The most important goals should be considered as the collective responsibility of the entire team.

Let’s Look Closer at a Dedicated Development Team Model

A Dedicated Development Team is a perfect choice for the companies which, due to different factors, can’t engage proper developers in their own country.

What Is a Dedicated Development Team?

Dedicated development teams should be supplementary and complementary, with the fiddly bits of HR and office space procurement taken care of without putting yet more pressure on your organization.

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