One, Inc. is a software development company which provides an integrated cloud-based platform designed to revolutionize the insurance industry. The company experienced a dramatic growth in 2012 when Avicoma helped to streamline the company’s development by hiring a dedicated team of .NET developers. Avicoma built an ODC for One, Inc. in Ukraine and supplemented the development team and gradually assembled QA department.

Business Situation

Because the company’s growth created the need to source new tech talent, One, Inc. decided to take a look at offshore development. First, the company’s management investigated the opportunity of opening offshore office by themselves. However, this presented a lot of extra work and expenses and required time which they didn’t have. One, Inc. aimed at long-term cooperation and needed a reliable partner to make sure that the development team will be housed in an office with the proper conditions, and have the right hardware and software installed.

Also, the company wanted developers to work exclusively for them so as to be 100% engaged in our projects. Hiring freelancers or outsourced staff seemed like unreliable options. They had an in-house Project Manager who was ready to work with a new remote team.

After putting together all the expectations, One, Inc. came to the conclusion that the optimal choice for scaling up is Outstaffing or the so-called ODC model.

After comparing vendors, the company organized meetings with the most suitable Outstaffing providers. Face-to-face communication with different agencies convinced One, Inc. to choose Avicoma as their partner.

The Solution

With Avicoma, One, Inc. has all the freedom to choose developers – Avicoma sends resumes and One, Inc. makes a decision regarding which ones they want to interview after candidates complete the test project. This flexibility is a huge asset.

Avicoma has helped One, Inc. introduce our company’s culture and our values to the remote team. A crucial factor for success is to train remote developers for the requirements of the software product, and this is only possible in a stable and collaborative environment. With Avicoma, the client is always sure that all developers are dedicated exclusively to their projects, and any technical issue will be resolved in a heartbeat as Avicoma has an excellent IT support team.

One, Inc. in-house team has regular communication with their remote team. This allows early updates and helps instantly track the progress and always be on the same page.

As a result, the virtual team in Ukraine is every bit as productive as the in-house team. Some developers are invited to visit the client’s Sacramento facilities and work with the in-house team so the two teams can get to know each other better and work more efficiently.


  • It’s very hard to find great developers in California at a reasonable price. Remote software engineers provide the same excellence in quality, but at a more attractive price.
  • Flexibility in choosing developers and catering to client’s needs: Avicoma offers recommendations about the job market and supports every initiative.
  • Avicoma’s managers are always on standby for assistance in all HR matters. This made a huge contribution to remote team’s satisfaction and motivation. Remote developers usually accumulate a lot of knowledge about the product, so long-term engagement is one of the keys to success.

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