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If you are curious about how companies setup and work with remote software development teams, especially from a technical standpoint, this post will give you some insight. Here is how they pull it off and work seamlessly together.

Once you’ve decided to create a remote team, even across borders, you will need to think about how to provide them with the needed IT support. You have your in-house admins, but because your remote team may be in another time zone, will they be available to help your remote team when needed? No worries, IT support would still be taken care of by your outstaffing provider. For Example, at Avicoma we have admins available 24/7 offering IT support services for remote teams, which is included in the price.

The following are answers to the 5 most frequently asked questions regarding admin support:

How do we setup a place where employees can work remotely?

First of all, your remote employees will need to have a stable and comfortable working environment so they can achieve maximum productivity. IT specialists will install development and testing environments for your everything to make sure it meets your project requirements. Admins will set up the corresponding hardware (PC, servers, peripherals, etc.) and install the software (OS, developer tools, PC security solutions, etc.) We also take care of the server setting as well as implement and manage LAN. If needed, our professionals can setup additional server systems, often required for application development and testing.

In the event of an emergency who will assist the remote team?

Our admins immediately respond to every single request, satisfying the needs of the remote team at all times. We ensure proper operational support by providing maintenance for hardware and software, updates, stable Internet connectivity and data backups and recovery. In the event of an emergency, our admins will respond immediately to troubleshoot the issue. If it’s a hardware failure, we will help arrange for its repair or replacement. We will respond to your emergency within 20 minutes at most. Any problem with connectivity is resolved immediately since we have backup channels. This gives our clients peace of mind, ensuring an uninterrupted workflow.

As one of our developers said,

“It seems like you [admins] make magic. You just come and everything starts working properly.”

How can I easily communicate with my remote team?  

So that your interactions with your remote team resemble the real-life communication you have with your in-house team, you need a stable, multi-functional solution, which is something we know all about. Our IT specialists can install any communication platform you prefer, like Skype for Business, VoIP, Google Hangouts or any other system that would enable instant messaging, audio and video conferencing, online meetings and any other feature that may be required. This allows you and your team to communicate seamlessly, which should make everyone comfortable whether working in-house or remotely.

Is security an issue when working with a team at some distance?

Security is our top priority and to that end we would need to make sure all your data is protected. Every employee would sign an NDA in accordance with your company standards in order to protect your confidential information. Added protection is provided with the configuration of an enciphered connection, giving you network security. Secure protocols are implemented for team members working remotely. Without exception, all transmitted data is enciphered to provide even more security.

Are my developers able to work from home?

Usually the development team works in an office setting. This allows them to reach top performance levels, but we do understand that remote teams are different, often located in another time zone than their company headquarters. We know you need flexibility so we do provide ways for your engineers to work from home. Our IT specialists arrange remote access, enabling developers to continue their workflow by accessing their work PCs from home. We can install an RDP connection and will answer any questions your developers might have. Again, we offer 24/7 support for developers to cover all their IT needs, even when they login from home.

Now that all your questions have been answered you can move forward with setting up your own dedicated remote team. As your partner, we will provide fully customized solutions to ensure you and your developers have everything you need, are happy and your project goes smoothly. This way your developers can give you top quality results in a timely manner.

We have answered the 5 most frequently asked questions here. We would be happy to answer any additional questions so that you have all the information you need. Please do not hesitate to write out any questions you may still have, using the comments section below. Together we can compile a complete list of questions and answers of things you need to keep in mind when setting up and working with a remote team or teams.

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