Dedicated development team model

Don’t confuse a Dedicated Development Team with the Time and Materials model. They  are  totally  different  models  of outsourcing in IT.

The Dedicated Development Team is one of the IT service delivery models in which professional development teams provide their services only to one customer on a long-term basis. Using this model, IT professionals are hired full-time and paid monthly.

Frequently, the Dedicated Development Team is mixed up with the Time and Materials model. Remember, with the Time and Materials outsourcing model, companies as a rule hire team members for hourly-based employment. It can be part-time or full-time employment, but developers are hired for some time, usually for a short period.

Is it hard to attract high-level developers in your home country? A Dedicated Development Team is an ideal solution.

A Dedicated Development Team is a perfect choice for the companies which, due to different factors, can’t engage proper developers in their own country. There are several reasons for this. First of all, high development costs and a scarcity of technical specialists. Also, for example, this happens when a company needs to make changes in the structure of the onshore team but has no ability to do so due to regulatory actions from the side of the government.

A Dedicated Development Team is a very efficient way to extend in-house development and research.

One of the great advantages of a Dedicated Development Team is that you have absolute management control over the project itself and over all of your development team. The responsibility for recruiting new employees, their introduction to the onsite team, their trainings, as well as infrastructure and administrative support, lies with the contractor. This way your Dedicated Development Team utilizes the very same practices, including development methodology, technical bases, and approaches to the workflow, and thus becomes an essential part of the home company. Also, such a team absolutely shares the customer’s goals.

A Dedicated Development Team is more cost-effective.

And of course, don’t forget about another advantage of a Dedicated Development Team. For projects that last over one year, this model turns out to be 60% more cost-effective than common outsourcing services. How is it possible? A Dedicated Development Team allows you to minimize the provider’s administrative expenses and overheads for additional managers.

So, if you are thinking about engaging additional IT staff, the Dedicated Development Team is the outsourcing model which will fit your company brilliantly!

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