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Dedicated Development Team

If you are running a project with a tight deadline and your in-house team can’t meet it without additional help, or you just don’t have the right expertise on board you have a challenge to overcome.· Do you start recruiting – and purchase additional computing equipment, software and office equipment to accommodate new developers?
· Do you hire in a temporary contractor – and maybe get someone who isn’t really a perfect fit and will take a while to get up to speed?
· Or do you call Avicoma and get a dedicated, trained and highly motivated technical expert who is matched perfectly to your requirements?With the development office based in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine Avicoma has a comprehensive database of technical specialists to call on. Every team member recruited for a project is carefully matched and relationships are developed with clients so that we really understand what’s important to you and make sure that all your boxes are ticked!Communication between in-house team and remote dedicated development team.
Communication is an important part of a successful project when you have a remote team in Ukraine or even few offshore teams around the world. But at the end of the day it would be the only thing to worry about since there is not much difference in management in-house engineers and remote professionals.

You need to consider a few things:
· All teams need to be fully integrated (video or conference call based daily scrums, duplicate physical artifacts or online tools, both teams at sprint planning, review and retrospective
· Regular communication allows all team members to air out the issues and it is very important.
· You are the product owner and only you make final decisions on how the team work should be organized, but we are always ready to help and share our experience.

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