Great Talents, High-Tech Environment, Experienced Management.


Avicoma is Your IT Outstaffing Partner!

We help software companies to extend their in-house development team with highly-skilled engineers based in Eastern Europe, reducing costs, providing 24/7 technical support and solutions to our customers’ needs.

How It Works


We find the most outstanding professionals highly qualified for complex tasks and perfectly meeting Your IT needs.

All-Inclusive service

We build Your own Dedicated Team and provide IT support, initial consulting and accounting. Enjoy working with Your team – we’ll take care of the rest.


Our clients save up to 60% on projects carried out by remote software team getting benefit from reduced service cost and high level of project implementation.

working place

We will offer You a set of hardware and software solutions enabling you to arrange, manage and communicate with Your dedicated development team effectively.

Close collaboration

Face-to-face communication as well as online availability of Your software development team ensure close and effective collaboration under the schedule specified by You.

Dedicated team

Professional developers are exclusively engaged in Your projects, under Your direct on-line management and control.

9 Tools to Make Your Remote Team Closer

Even though modern technology provides communication over great distances, the personal touch remains essential for most customers. We offer our list of handy and simple tools to monitor and communicate with your remote team.

What Exactly Happens when You’ve Decided to Work with Dedicated Development Team?

This article is based on our own experience and many years of successful cooperation with our clients. You definitely should read it if you are thinking about a quick extension of your in-house development team and would like to start working as soon as possible.

Why Ukraine’s Tax Code Makes Nation Attractive for IT Services

Every nation applies different tax code which can make it attractive for IT outsourcing or not. That’s why today we are going to compare tax rates in different countries to identify the most competitive destinations for IT offshoring.

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